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How I use the different Mas Epoxy Systems

It's no secret there's a lot of resin brands on the market. MAS Epoxies has been my favorite brand by far for a lot of reasons. Their products are high quality, artist approved, and reliable. Their working time is the perfect amount for me, it doesn't burn easily, and it gets that crystal clear glassy finish I'm looking for. If you're looking for incredible lacing, you've got to start with a high quality resin and MAS has been the best for my lacing to really shine through. It's also worth mentioning that MAS is an honest company of hard working people who are really looking to make the best products for their customers, not just make a profit.

However, if you're just starting out or looking to expand your resin capabilities, it can be really confusing figuring out which system to buy. So to help, I thought I'd detail all the systems I've used and for what:

1. Table Top - This is my go-to first choice, a close tie with Art Pro. I use this for all of my surface pours and wave layers. It is a high quality resin that is durable, heat resistant, and pretty thick.

2. Art Pro - I use this resin interchangeably with my table top, they both work effectively for surface pours and wave layering. The Art Pro however has UV protection, so no matter which I use, I alway stop coat with Art Pro to protect my pieces from yellowing in direct sunlight. This is also the resin I use for my smaller casting projects

3. UV/Flag (Fast, Medium) - I use these systems specifically for sealing my wood surfaces. Because they cure faster than regular table top or art pro, they make for good sealing systems and save me time between layers. These have much less of a working time though, so be ready to work quick!

4. Deep Pour - I use this system for my tables. It's a thin resin system that takes longer to cure and can be poured deeper than the other systems. I usually keep my pours to a half inch at a time and it's ready for another layer by the next day.

I hope this helped! MAS Epoxies is great about answering calls with customer questions, so if you find yourself in a pickle, just give them a call! And if you're buying resin for the first time or restocking on it, head over to the 'Artist Resource' page for links to my favorites on Amazon. Shopping through my website links is a way to help support me as an artist at no cost to you!

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