Frequently asked questions

Do you ship nationwide? International?

Yes! Shipping goes to all 50 states and beyond! Shipping costs are at the expense of the buyer, so consider this when estimating your costs before checkout.

Do commissons cost extra?

No! Commission costs will be calculated just the same as any of my other pieces available. A commission piece is a great investment, as it will be uniquely fit to your choices, so don't shy away from it! However, I do not accept commission requests for projects under $400.

I want art, but can't afford it right now.. help?

Everyone should be able to afford beautiful art for their home. This is why I make a wide range of sizes, so that if you've got a small budget, you can still get a little art! Check out the sale/discount tab for pieces that might better fit your needs. I also run 'clear out' discounts seasonally, provide promo codes through my social media accounts, and run free giveaway contests on my instagram!

I put down a deposit but then my circumstances changed. Can I get my money back?

Deposits are non-refundable, BUT I will take note of your deposit amount and in the future if you decided to commission or purchase a piece, I can put your old deposit towards the new piece!

I'm an artist looking to learn, what information do you provide about Resin Art?

It took me a long time to master my work and I'm still learning and growing even now! You can view my Artist Resource page for information on the items I use, or visit my Amazon influencer page for my entire shopping list! As for the rest of my process, I have process videos on my social media pages and there's tons of resources for learning on youtube!

I want to place a commission order with specific requests, how do I do that?

I love doing commission work! Getting to make personal pieces for people is such a blessing! However, with so much demand, I can't take every request. Right now, I don't take commission requests for pieces under $400. To clarify, the commission charge is not a $400 extra expense, it is the base cost for larger works. Meaning I don't take commission requests for smaller items. So for commission inquires about larger pieces, submit a detailed proposal on the homepage forum with your commission idea. And for smaller items, keep an eye out for new product releases! Typically, I take feedback on what to stock in my store through my social media accounts. So follow me there to let me know what you'd like to see in stores and to be notified when new products are being released.

When is the next restock?

I upload new store products as often as I'm able to. As my main focus is on my larger commission orders, sometimes store restocks get put on the backburner. I appoligize for any inconvenience this causes, and do my best to keep items in the store. Please do not message me through the commission forum or on Instagram asking about the next restock. I always announce restocks in advance through my social media platforms, so just keep an eye out.