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  • How do I care for my sculpture art?
    A care card will come with each order instructing proper care. Display out of direct sunlight and either hang mounted in studs or lying on a sturdy surface to properly support the sculpture's weight. Dust sculpture with feather duster and clean gloss surface with microfiber cloth. Do not get sculpted surface wet.
  • When is the next restock?
    Restocks do not come on scheduled intervals because each release is different! The best place to find up to date restock information is social media, specifically instagram!
  • Do you ship nationwide? International?
    Yes! Shipping goes to all 50 states and beyond! Shipping costs are at the expense of the buyer, so consider this when estimating your costs before checkout.
  • Do commissions cost extra?
    Commission pieces are not charged any additional fee for custom work but must exceed the commission minimum of $2,000 USD.
  • I put down a deposit but then my circumstances changed. Can I get my money back?
    When clients cancel after a project has already started it can be costly on my end, so the deposit covers the time, labor, and cost of starting the project and is therefore non-refundable.
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