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Image by Tinmay Yu

Two years ago I dreamed the idea for this line of sculpture art  and the creation of Subterra began. The release of this artwork is an answer to prayer and the culmination of years of work developing my skills artistically. Subterra is a study in balance, a minimalist carved exterior encases the sweeping topography maps with bold colors bringing out the depth in each piece. Each sculpture reveals different features of itself in different lighting and can be displayed standing, lying, or hanging to showcase its beauty. It is my hope that your Subterra piece triggers you to reflect inward, looking deep within the self to discover what hides there. The years spent bringing these pieces into existent forced me to dive further within myself and my capabilities than ever before and what I've brought out from that place has changed my life. 

Each piece will be accompanied by a certificate of authentication marked by my seal.

The Subterra Collection

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