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Gift Ideas for Your Artist Loved Ones

The holiday season is here, and if you are anything like me, gift ideas are something you struggle a lot with! Nobody needs that added stress into their lives, so today, I am going to help you find an amazing gift for any artist or art lover! Below are some products I love, that I hope your loved ones will enjoy as well. You can find every item linked on my Artist Resources page so you can easily access them!

This Cricut Joy machine is an amazing gift for anyone who loves DIY products or is looking to get into crafts! It is super compact and portable so you can easily store it and bring it wherever you need. It is used for any vinyl or HTV iron on projects and can make custom decals, custom t-shirts, personalized cards, or any sticker or label you can imagine!

If you are getting someone a Cricut, this is a perfect gift to go along with it! It comes with everything they will need to start all their DIY dreams! It includes vinyl, basic tools, Cricut explore fine point pens, and also guides to get started and project ideas!

This Munbyn label printer has changed my life and has made my shipping process so much easier! It would be an amazing gift idea for any artist who ships out their products. It makes the whole process cheaper, easier and faster and I could not recommend it enough! It works with amazon, ebay, shopify, FedEx, USPS and many others. It is also compatible with both Mac and Windows Systems.

You guys know I have to include my all time favorite Mas Epoxies Table Top Resin into the list! I could not live without this stuff and it would be an amazing gift for anyone who is looking to get into resin art and crafts!

This Mount Dog soft studio light would be a perfect addition to any artists studio! It can provide perfect lighting for them to do their art as well as amazing lighting for them to photograph their work.

Any artist who is looking to start a YouTube channel or just to document their products needs a great DSLR camera! This Canon EOS Rebel T7 has an 18-55mm lens and comes with WiFi and NFC technology. It has multiple bundle deals and is an amazing camera for both photography and videography!

Even the most advanced artists love to color! Adult coloring books are one of the most easy ways to have fun and relax. This is a perfect cheaper gift for an artist to help them spark some creativity for their next projects!

These dual brush pens are a perfect gift to go along with the coloring book or even just on their own! These pens have a fine tip as well as a highlighter side so are perfect for any artist to sketch their next project, write in their planner, or just to have some fun and doodle!

Every artist loves metallic paint! I love to add metallic gold to my projects, it adds such an amazing touch. This would be a perfect and cheap gift to add to any artist's collection!

This bluetooth remote phone tripod and selfie stick has changed my life and is amazing for any artist to have! It is a tool that makes filming videos and taking photos by yourself so much easier. It is tiny and portable so it can be taken everywhere!

I hope these items gave you some great ideas of gifts to get for your artist friends or family members! Once again, all of the products are linked on my artist resources tab for your convenience if you want to purchase anything. If you do, don’t forget to let me know how your loved one liked it! I hope you all have a safe and amazing holiday season!

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