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A Maker Apron that makes a Statement

When I first saw Lucio Tailoring Co. Aprons in action, I was in San Antonio Texas with my brother. The bar we were at was like something straight out of The Great Gatsby- moody night light, fancy expensive drinks, floor length dresses, and leather clad bar tenders. As the bartender made my smoked old fashion, I couldn't stop staring at his apron. Beautiful conditioned leather, designer straps with metal clasp hinges, and the bars logo stitched into the top. I was staring him up and down so long, he probably thought I had a crush until I finally asked, "Where does your company get your aprons? They look amazing." and once he told me they were custom made by Lucio Tailoring Co., I knew I had to have one.

I messaged the company at @luciotailoringco on instagram and they were more than happy to work with me on a custom design to meet my needs and compliment my business. Obviously mine had waves for its inside pattern and a deep navy blue leather because I'm all about the blues and the ocean! After we had all the details hashed out, it arrived even sooner than expected and exceeding all my expectations! As soon as I pulled it out of the box it smelled like new car and looked even better than I'd imagined it would! The fit was perfect, thanks to the adjustable belt design on the back and my logo was flawless down to each stitch. This durable, comfortable, and fashionable apron was almost too perfect to work in, but I had to put it to the test! After a month of constant use, traveling in a suitcase, and sitting in my dusty studio, my apron still looks brand new and the soft buttery leather is no worse for wear against my messy work style.

Getting a custom apron for my business was almost like a milestone for me, it was a statement about officially committing to being a business owner and a proud Artist. For a long time I didn't see being an artist as an option for myself because it's not a typical job, didn't have anything to do with my degree, and didn't seem like a possibility to pay my bills. But once I committed to it, I needed something that looked as official as I felt, and Lucio Tailoring Co. made the perfect apron for that!

If you're a maker looking to make a statement, this apron is a worthwhile investment and will exceed your expectations! And if the maker in your life is coming up on a birthday, these make personal and meaningful gifts. Check it out for yourself at @luciotailoringco on Instagram and at

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